Wicklow Wolf Apex Oatmeal Stout


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The beer has the full flavor of the stout, and it will leave you wanting for more and more.

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The beer comes with the heavy malt bill as it has an abundance of malts, and it also includes only one malt i.e., Flaked Irish oats. This malt is, however, supported by a smaller amount of chocolate and coffee malts, but this oat malt plays the main role in the taste and aroma of the beer. So, this means when you open the can and take a sip, be ready to feel the intense burst of fresh roast coffee, milk chocolate, and a delicious creamy smoothness.

  • The amount of alcohol present in the beer is 6.5%
  • The style of the beer is Stout.
  • The country of origin of the beer in Ireland.


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