Wicklow Wolf Apex Espresso 44CL


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The drink will let the imagination of the drinker go wild with its amazing oatmeal mouthfeel.

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The beer is delicious and has oatmeal stout characteristics and it is packed full of fresh dark fruits. Moreover, the tasting notes of the beer are followed by the chocolate, honey, fruits, and some strong smell of fruity espresso. Moreover, this drink is supported with a hint of creamy sweetness and smoothness. It also has a lingering finish that will leave you wanting more of it.

  • The amount of alcohol present in the beer is 6.5%
  • The malts present in the beer are pale, chocolate, café light, and roasted oats.
  • The hop present in the beer is Apollo.
  • The IBU value of the beer is 25 units.


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