Whiplash Grisette Traminer 44CL


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The beer is fermented with the use of Belgian yeast and offers a nice zesty and citrusy taste.

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The drink comes with the light Belgian which has an unusual resemblance to the top notes of the wine. The beer is all wrapped up in a little peppery package for the jaded juice boys. The drink has different kinds of ingredients, such as Pilsner, Wheat, and has an Oat Grisette base. The hop present in the beer is Hallertau Blanc which helps in reaching the feel of that white wine. Overall, the drink is a crossover of the dance of citrus and Turkish delight with Belgian ingredients.

  • The amount of alcohol present in the beer is 4.1%
  • The style of the beer is Grisette.
  • The country of origin of the beer in Ireland.


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