West Kerry Carraig Dubh 50CL


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Rich and dark in flavor with plenty of roasted malt, giving hints of coffee, vanilla, and dark chocolate.

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This porter is a true classic. With plenty of roasted malt and hints of coffee, vanilla, and dark chocolate, this beer is rich and dark.

  • Poured with a large head that took time to dissipate.
  • Slightly bitter at first but soon became a well-rounded medium-bodied beer.
  • Tastes like it was bottle conditioned.
  • A good example of this style and worth trying
  • The aroma of roasted malt, roasted coffee, roasted nuts, espresso, burnt chocolate.
  • The flavor of roasted malt, chocolate malt, bitter chocolate, roasted nuts, mocha. Roasty, nutty.
  • Full-bodied in the Baltic style. Lots of licorice. A bit of smoke and malty notes.


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