Weissenoher Kloster Sud 50CL


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It is one of Weissenoher’s specialty beers, brewed with the best raw materials and a complex fermentation process.

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The monastery brewery Weissenoher 20 Weissenoher Kloster Sud 50cl is brewed by the company Klosterbrauerei Weissenoher. This beer contains 5% alcohol. One of the flagship beers of the Weißenoher brewery this beer is brewed by selecting the best raw materials and undergoes an elaborate fermentation process. The malts are used to give it an amber color and enrich the aroma and taste with notes of honey, caramel, dried fruit, and spicy nuances. Dry drink with a sweetish finish.

  • Brewed from the best raw materials and with an elaborate fermentation process
  • It gives notes of honey and caramel, dried fruit, and light spices


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