Weissenoher Euchartus Pils 50CL


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With the same gold color and abundant white and persistent foam, it reveals itself in the glass as a wonderful Pils.

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Eucharius Pils is a golden-colored Pilsner-style beer from Franconian Bavaria made with Hallertau hops. The scent is deeply perfumed, with new herbaceous notes that include traces of white flowers, hay, and grass, well balanced with sweeter notes of malt and acacia honey. The bitter and herbaceous notes imparted by the hopping are balanced by the malty base on the palate. The finish is dry and clean, with good bitterness.

  • The aroma is vegetal, with notes of noble Hallertau hops that blend well with a nice base of light malts and soft acacia honey notes.
  • The finish is dry, lean, and clean


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