Weissenoher Bonator 50CL


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Doppelbock is a Bavarian specialty that was first produced by the monks of San Francesco da Paola. which has an alcohol content of 8.2%.

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With a mahogany color, Bonator is a Doppelbock made with Bramberg malts. Rich and robust in scents, it is characterized by its caramelized, spicy and toasted notes, perceived both on the nose and on the palate. Deep caramel with a reddish hue, a light beige foamy head, and sparse lacing. Mouthfeel is fairly thick and full-bodied.

  • From start to finish, this is a fairly large Doppel Bock. Bready, fruity, with a mild sweetness and a hefty presence.
  • Smooth body, average/soft carbonation, clean finish malty, fairly dry, lightly spicy.
  • Taste is quite sweet with a proper balance and smooth
  • Alcohol Content 8.2%


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