Weissbenoher Altb Frankish 50CL


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It is a dense, frothy beer, brewed to taste and smell without hurries during the afternoon.

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It has a distinct crisp and refreshing fruity flavour and strong effervescence. This beer has a clove-like fruity nose and is naturally cloudy with rich gold tones. A full-bodied, classic beer that follows in the footsteps of the former Benedictine monastery’s traditional style. It has a dark amber colour and a malty, slightly smoky scent, as well as a mild hop finish.

  • More fresh bread flavours emerge on the palate, including fruity, spicy banana and cloves, as well as rich caramel wheat malts.
  • The light bitterness of the classic German hops’ spreads across the palate, making this a great example of the style.


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