To Ol 45 Days Pilsner 33cl


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It is said it would be a sin to rush when it comes to brewing pilsner and no mistake is made here in this drink either.

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The drink is brewed with a slow fermentation process which helps in making the taste of the Pilsner better. The brewery makes no hurry and mistake in creating this beer and keeps the drink to mature at least for 45 days straight. The drinker can enjoy the crispness and complexity of the beer which has the character of golden lager and it has got the highest respect and admiration.

  • The amount of alcohol present in the beer is 4.7%
  • The style of the beer is Pilsner
  • The country of origin of beer in Denmark.
  • The malts present in the drink are Organic Chit, Organic Golden Light, and Organic Pilsner.


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