Moosehead Larger 6PK 35CL


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Moosehead Lager is a sweet golden yellow lager with a light head and moderate carbonation.

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Moosehead is brewed in New Brunswick, Canada’s oldest independent brewery, with a rare blend of Canadian barley malt, two varieties of hops to balance aroma and bitterness, and freshwater from nearby Spruce Lake. The beer is light in body and refreshing, with a pleasant mix of malt sweetness and hop bitterness. Crafted from a centuries-old yam.

  • On the smooth, creamy palate, this complex, vivid, lively flavour profile is replicated, with more fruity, bready malts and a beautifully judged bitterness.
  • Made from an age-old yeast culture, Moosehead Lager is brewed longer to impart its unique flavour.
  • Its scent is nice.


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