Grevensteiner Original 50CL


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The complex aroma of this silky matte amber color beer gives your palate a velvet touch.

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The drink comes with matte amber color with the reflections of orange and a velvet-soft head. The complex aroma is initially dominated by caramel aromas, with slight tones of honey, roasted almonds, and notes of fresh fruit that, above all, resemble a green apple. The whole bottle of this Lager looks very spicy and elegant. Moreover, it has a bitter toasted and light note combined with a nutty flavor that opens up a distinct finish with the cream caramel.

  • In the category of beer, it is a Lager
  • The origin-country of the beer in Germany
  • The volume of alcohol present in it is around 5.2%
  • The style of this German beer is Helles.


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