Canvas Liminal Barrel 26 33CL


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Aged in Cote du Rhone wine barrels with a hint of cherry notes furthering the fruitiness.

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Berries hard upfront with zesty lemon. Solid notes of juniper and the gin barrel and it actually does give it a bit of a grown-up mellow kick and adds to the taste experience rather than divert. Finishes a tad sour from the lemon zest and the gin lingers a bit as well and there’s the oily gin aftertaste

  • With a touch of cherry notes to add to the fruitiness, this wine was aged in Cote du Rhone wine barrels.
  • It has 6.7% percent (ABV) Alcohol by volume.
  • Light, slightly pinkish head.
  • Leaves a thin ring and no lacing. The beer is golden with a pinkish hue.


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