Bru Dot Barrel Aged Blend 33CL


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This drink is well-rounded in shape when the sip is taken, and it comes with the features of dark rum.

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The beer spends a good amount of time in the barrels to get the required aroma and taste to make it a great drink. Moreover, the beer is a barrel-aged blend consisting of a red ale aged in American oak Amarone for 1.5 years, then transferred to dark rum for an extra six months. After this, it is blended further in stainless steel with an amber ale aged in Heaven Hill bourbon barrels. The beer is all about the rich malt character with the taste of biscuit, toffee, vanilla, dark berries, and the hint of coffee.

  • The style of the beer is Barrel Aged Blend.
  • The country of origin of the beer in Ireland.
  • The amount of alcohol present in the beer is 7.2%


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