Blacks Ready Up Radler 440ML Can


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The drink comes with light hoppy flavors and has a crisp and dry Moorish finish.

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The beer is brewed by beer lovers for beer lovers. The drink is easy on the tongue and has an amazing refreshing aroma. Moreover, it comes with different fruits, such as pink grapefruit peel, citrus oils, elderflower, and much more. The drink is the best choice for the summer season. It has the tasting notes of biscuit, super tasty citrus, and malts. The drink goes great with the Greek Salad, Grilled Mackerel with fennel, and smoked salmon.

  • The amount of alcohol present in the beer is around 3.8%
  • The style of the beer is Grapefruit Radler
  • The hops used in the beer are Spalter and Centennial.
  • The country of origin of the beer in Ireland.
  • The UBC value of the beer is 6 units.


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