Beoir Chorca Cul Dorcha


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Dark Red ale that is fruity with hints of chocolate notes. It has ABV: 5%

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Carbonation is very rare, very slow, and coarse. Aroma very subtly of caramel. Taste of sweet caramel with a slight hoppy bitterness. Taste of sweet cherry with hints of coffee. Light to medium body. Smooth with a quite sweet cherry-like liqueur on a lingering finish.

  • Black with a thin tan head.
  • The aroma of chocolate malt. The flavor is powdered chocolate malt, plum and dark berries, thin chocolate finish.
  • Slightly bitter at first but soon became a well-rounded medium-bodied beer.
  • Tastes like it was bottle conditioned.
  • A good example of this style and worth trying
  • Light body with a thin mouthfeel and a coffee-like bitterness on a lingering finish.


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