12 Acres Pale ALE 44CL


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The beer comes with the sweetness of malts and is balanced with the bitterness of hops and citrus flavors.

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The beer is the flagship beer of 12 Acres Brewery and the drink has the American Pale Ale style. The drink comes with the emphasis on the malt flavor and a traditional APA is produced from it. 2 Acres’ own spring water is the main ingredient and they add their own pale ale base malt which forms the majority of the grist, to give the fermentable sugars and flavor to our beer. Moreover, it also has a small amount of European special malts. The hops used in it are Cascade, Williamite, and Citra.

  • The amount of alcohol present in the beer is 4.6%
  • The style of the beer is APA.
  • The country of origin of the beer in Ireland.


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