Lineman was setup in 2019 and we produced our first beer in August of that year. That beer was First Light, a grisette which we sold on draught and bottle. At the same time we also produced a mixed fermentation beer, using a homebrew house kveik culture, called SAGA. So just the two unusual styles to begin with then.

Lineman had been a long-planned project of founder and brewer Mark Lucey. Having been obsessed with beer and heavily involved in homebrewing for all his adult life, it was always an ambition to open a brewery or have a commercial brewing project that would allow him to produce a diverse range of beer. Stouts, Belgians styles, IPAs and Mixed Fermentations.

It soon became a proper husband and wife team when Vivienne joined shortly before the first beers were released. Being a graphic designer with lots of commercial experience she was able to bring the look for Lineman together just in time for our beers to be released. Vivienne produces all our artwork and looks after marketing side of things.

The name Lineman is a tribute to Vivienne’s dad who had worked as a lineman in the rural electrification project of 1950’s Ireland. It captures the honesty of effort and sense of adventure that our brewery is built on.

The most important principle for us when producing a beer is that it is infinitely drinkable. Hopefully, this comes across in the execution and you are enjoying a LINEMAN beer now. Cheers!

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